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France Telecom established the present company in 2001 after acquiring Orange plc and merging its existing mobile operations into the company.The company was initially 100 % owned by France Telecom.On July 1, 1989, West Germany’s state-owned postal monopoly Deutsche Bundespost (DBP) was reorganized, with telecommunications consolidated within a new Deutsche Bundespost Telekom unit; this was renamed Deutsche Telekom in 1995 and privatization began in 1996.The analog first-generation C-Netz (“C Network,” marketed as C-Tel) was Germany’s first true mobile phone network (the A and B networks, also owned by the post office, represented older radiotelephone systems), and was introduced in 1985.T-Mobile is a German telecommunication services provider owned by Deutsche Telekom.It operates several GSM networks in Europe and the USA.Vodafone is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a component of the FTSE 100 Index.In November 2010 it had a market capitalization of approximately UK£92 billion, making it the third largest company on the London Stock Exchange. In 1980 Sir Ernest Harrison OBE, chairman of Racal Electronics plc, the United Kingdom’s largest maker of military radio technology, entered into an agreement with Lord Weinstock of General Electric Company plc (GEC) to allow Racal to access some of GEC’s tactical battlefield radio technology.

The highly profitable GSM network in Germany is scheduled to be supplemented and ultimately replaced by UMTS; for this purpose, T-Mobile bought one of the six licenses earmarked for Germany for €8.2 billion in August 2000.

In 2002, as Deutsche Telekom was consolidating its international operations, it anglicized the T-Mobil name into T-Mobile, although it sometimes still used the name T-D1 within Germany.

Germans still commonly refer to T-Mobile and Vodafone as D1 and D2.

Microtel was re-branded Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd in 1994.

The Orange brand was created by an internal team; brand consultancy Wolff Olins was charged with designing the brand values and logo, and advertising agency WCRS created the Orange slogan “The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orange” along with the now famous campaign.

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