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' Devesh: Yes, so if I am approached by the girl, I play tough to get. Bhumi: For a guy to admit that he has never kissed, in a room full of other guys, is definitely a turn on. Vishal Yadav (First Year Bachelors in Management Studies, SIES Sion): While we don't discuss things with our parents because they are conservative, I am sure we will be able to share that rapport with our kids only because we are talking about it today.

Bhumi: So, how many times has this chase game worked? I was watching Spider-Man when the 69 kisses scene showed up.

Ayushmann confessed that when he was younger, though he hit the gym regularly to build an enviable physique, he also took up reading and even learnt to play the guitar in the hope of scoring with girls. Gaurav Tahiliani (M Com, HR College): Girls are slut-shamed if they talk with a lot of guys. My character in the movie is an Alpha Male; it's just that he has performance anxiety, but that doesn't define manhood.

I also have a friend who was slut-shamed on a Whats App group. We have all grown up watching these superheroes — Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man,, with 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan', they will see Ayushmann! It is defined by a lot of other things — like taking a 'stand' in different spheres. If they don't understand you at home, I think you need to have a confidante.

The incidents allegedly happened when she was 17 and working as an intern on the set of It led to a discussion over "sexual banter" and what the lines are, with Stacey Solomon pointing out that it's not always men talking about women, but women doing it to men and it often not being seen as the same.

However commendable Stacey's argument was, viewers at home were quick to accuse the show of hypocrisy as they felt the panellists sometimes engage in inappropriate chat with male guests."Complaining about sexual banter on Digital Spy has reached out to the show's representatives for comment.

The show opened by talking about Dustin Hoffman, who apologised after he was accused yesterday of sexual harassment by author Anna Graham Hunter.

The company was launched on 1 April 2011 by Aditya Chopra, key member of Yash Raj Films who revealed that their company would float a new film studio, Y-Films, which would concentrate on introducing fresh talent.

The event saw promotional material released for three future productions, with Ashish Patil being announced as chief producer.

However, the boys revealed that a few of their fathers did try approaching the subject but to hilarious results. Advait: My father once approached me saying he wanted to 'have a talk'.

Advait Berde (PG, Journalism, Harkisan Mehta Institute of Media, Research and Analysis): Well, we haven't discussed much, but once when we did, the tables turned. He said, "Beta, you have turned 18 now and will have responsibilities like voting, raising a family etc. Director of the movie, RS Prasanna, who grew up in Chennai, revealed that he got all his sex education from Tamil cinema, a point where the room burst out laughing! Arjun Jaisinghani (SYJC Commerce, Jai Hind College): I have heard that smoking menthol cigarettes can cause erectile dysfunction.

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