Dating an indian girl for white men

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She tells me that she’s noticed many men choosing to date white, skinny women who are either blonde or brunette: “Some guys want candy on their arm.

That’s partly down to a guy’s insecurity because they want approval.

Any non-white person who has online dated will know that race always comes into it.

Even if you don’t explicitly mention it, your inbox will inevitably contain messages from people fetishising your colour.

Simply, it's what is going on in society, and what's been happening for decades.

The worst part is that for so long, we’ve just accepted.

She's an attractive, half-Chinese and half-Caucasian 24-year-old woman, who uses OKCupid.

Last week, she received what, to me, is an explicitly racist message.

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In Western culture, there is still a 'white' beauty standard.this white standard of beauty, and all of the subtle influences and consequences it causes.People like Sarah tell me they’re “so used to guys not messaging" them back because of their skin colour, and other people admit to me they would never fancy someone of a certain race because they’re "only attracted to white people." It has become so normalised that we're no longer questioning it.Is it the same as just not fancying blondes, or is it racist?Jo Barnett, a dating coach, tells me: “I don’t think it’s racism. You’ll get people who say, I don’t like red-heads, or I don’t like short girls, skinny girls… But when I’m coaching someone, within reason I’ll get them to look beyond that.” More than anything, she just thinks it’s a “shame” that people could be missing out on relationships because of their narrow viewpoints, or insecurities.

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