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whether or not you're living in Lagos, Cairo, Casablanca, Cape Town, Nairobi, Luanda or anywhere else, there's somebody special expecting you.

Whether you’re living in London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Moscow or Paris, there is someone special waiting for you. THE INFORMATION BELOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE UNAWARE OF SCAMMERS COMMON TACTICS AND IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. SCAMMERS OFTEN PRETEND TO BE FROM EUROPE OR THE USA BUT THEY ARE OFTEN FROM AFRICA MOSTLY LOCATED IN GHANA AND NIGERIA. SCAMMERS OFTEN USE PICTURES OF ATTRACTIVE INNOCENT PEOPLE STOLEN FROM ...THE WAY THEY EXPRESS THEMSELVES WITH THE USE OF INCORRECT ENGLISH GRAMMAR IS A CLEAR GIVEAWAY. I am a sincere and determinated person that like to hear other people as I think we can learn a lot of things from people just listening to them.Since our origin 11 years ago, we've been centered on real folks and long lasting relationships.We believe that finding somebody special is one in all the crucial components of life.

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