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After learning of Roy's plan, four of the five individuals sent her a letter warning her that the conversation was a private one and that sharing it with others would amount to a violation of their rights.After consulting with a lawyer, Roy chose to go ahead with sharing the conversation with the board, but received a cease and desist letter during the board meeting.Part of the conversation between Ray and Lehman focused on the dating website, which had been part of the trial evidence.

23 meeting of the student federation's Board of Administration, which oversees the affairs of the student union.

Lehman in the absence of counsel was clearly an error in judgment on my part.” Crown lawyer Alex Smith, brought in from Toronto to make the case for mistrial, said he wasn’t claiming Ray had been biased in his judgments but that there was an appearance of bias.

Ray agreed that his conversation with the detective “taints the perceived fairness of the process and is an exceptional circumstance requiring a retrial.” According to the detective, the judge told her that she had been “a bright happy face in a normally sombre (courtroom) crowd.” The detective said that the conversation, which she immediately reported to the Crown prosecutor, also included general chit-chat about the upcoming Christmas season and ended with Ray’s telling her it would “be nice” to have lunch or coffee with her one day.

Ray gave his version from the bench Wednesday: “I had finished my written decision, left the office and while at home in the evening I went online out of curiosity about the website which had been mentioned in evidence.

After signing in using an anonymous user name I was faced with a great number of personal questions. I did not conduct any research about the complainant and no information about the complainant was made available to me. Lehman about the website was based on the type and extent of the questions I had found during my brief log in the previous evening after I had written my decision …

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