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Chanakya further extended the Mauryan Empire during the reign of Emperor Bindusara Maurya.

The Empire is said to have extended from the east to the west and can be explained by the fact that it stretched from the eastern sea in Bengal to the western sea in Saurashtra.

According to the Ashokavadana, an Indian text in Sanskrit that describes the birth and reign of the Emperor Ashoka, Shubhadrangi was the daughter of a Brahmin from the city of Champa.

The legend says that through palace intrigue she was initially kept away from Emperor Bindusara.

He is said to have constructed approximately 84,000 stupas and pillars across his empire during his lifetime.

The most significant of these are the Ashoka Pillars that contain the image of the Lion Capital of Ashoka, which is now regarded as India’s national emblem, and the Ashoka Chakras, inscribed on many of his stone inscriptions.

Although Buddhism faded in India after his death, it continued to flourish and spread in other parts of the world, primarily in East and Southeast Asia.

Ashoka might have learnt from the very men who graced his father’s court.Having been born into a royal family, Emperor Ashoka received extensive royal military training, and he was believed to be the most intelligent among the many sons of his father.He was intellectual, energetic, fearless, strong, fought well and possessed great military skills.However, she eventually gained access to him and was able to bear him a son.It is from her exclamation “I am now without sorrow” that Ashoka got his name which means “painless, without sorrow” in the ancient Sanskrit language. 320 – 273 BCE), was the son of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and one of his wives, Durdhara. When she was pregnant, she ate with her husband, the emperor.

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