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Everything is hand painted apart from some experiments with air spray bottles from Tamiya on the main mast.

Portholes, bridge windows and spotting top windows are made with crystal clear.

with Gold Medal Models brass detail, a few bits from the Tom's Modelworks set, and a ton of scratch-building, including the Kingfishers and the 5" AA guns on the boat deck.

Andrew Desautels is normally an aircraft builder, but this is his first serious attempt at a ship.

Though it didn't have PE for the aft catapult, only the turret catapult.

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Here are photos of the 1/550 scale scratch-built model of this ship by Greg Shoda. Alejandro Garcia Martinez saw another model about this ship, a 1/700 scale version by Jim Bauman. was one of the battleships of the British Grand Fleet of WWI. This led him to want to build representatives of all of the different classes. This superb White Ensign Models resin kit had most of the parts and photo-etch that An Chu needed.BB-63 from the Tamiya kit in 0 scale built by Neil Mc Junkins.Gold Medal Models photo-etch was used for the railings and the Kingfishers are from Trumpeter.Also present is the deck camouflage and heavy weathering.The kit was detailed with photo-etched parts from the kit, the Gold Medal Models German Warships fret, and the White Ensign Models Kriegsmarine light AA weapons set.

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