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Vickie said that's fine, then booked Ziggler against Sheamus tonight. Vickie then asked Punk who he would have chosen to defend his title against tonight. So, Vickie said Ryback will be in action tonight against The Shield. NYE Party: Big Show walked up to Ricardo Rodriguez and asked if he would like a World Title shot tonight.Vickie then decided that's not fair, which led to Punk complaining about what's fair. Ricardo stammered, then Show picked him to face tonight.Bryan then bounced the ropes, but 3MB pulled down the ropes and Bryan fell to the floor.With the ref pre-occupied, Mahal smashed Bryan with a running knee to the face. Meanwhile, Lawler offered more jokes related to his faux musical career.Miz said that Vickie Guerrero has booked a "Championships On The Line" kind of night. Boos, then a loud "RGIII" chant from the Redskins fans. Rhodes had enough of Cena invading his personal space, then Sandow noted Cena and Miz went from main-eventing Wrestle Mania to being in their shadow.He said that all current champions can decide their opponents tonight. On-stage, Cena stood next to Miz before sitting down at his director's chair. Rhodes Scholars laughed, then Cena pulled Miz aside to suggest they put old problems aside, have a clean slate to start 2013, and face Rhodes Scholars.

Miz tagged in and lost control to Rhodes, which prompted a full round of mustache jokes from Lawler. [Q2] Rhodes regained control and Sandow cheated behind the ref's back to inflict more punishment to Miz. Slaughter teased a Cobra Clutch early on, but Cesaro reached the top rope for a break. Kane said he wanted to pick Shield as their opponents tonight.Miz finally broke free of Rhodes and reached Cena for a hot tag simultaneous to Sandow tagging in. Then, Cena dropped Sandow with the Attitude Adjustment. Post-match, Cena and Miz celebrated together in the ring. Lots of hooting and hollering from mid-carders and Divas before WWE showed David Otunga trying to kiss up to Vickie Guerrero. 14 promoting the 20th Anniversary of Raw.] Back live, a video aired going back to the beginning of Raw in Jan. The video transitioned to an official plug for the 20th Anniversary of Raw on Jan. "Superstars from two decades are coming home" is the tagline. Punk said people think he's faking his injury, but it's real. Cole said he did hear that Slaughter is in town tonight. Cesaro then kicked imaginary dirt onto Slaughter as piped-in loud boos greeted Cesaro. It was 3MB sounding like cats screeching "rehearsing" their music.Cena quickly set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Sandow and connected. The camera then showed Dolph Ziggler telling Vickie that it's time to put the past behind them. Backstage: Prime Time Players danced for Vickie, then C. He said he would like to compete here tonight, but he can't. Cesaro said he is choosing an opponent tonight who is a symbol of America, itself. Cole excitedly talked up Slaughter as Cesaro angrily stood in the ring waiting for Slaughter to enter the ring. Kane and Bryan interrupted, then suggested they were picking them to face tonight.Bryan leaned back to tag in Kane, who kicked Slater in the chest after bouncing the ropes.Slater had enough and brought in Mc Intyre, who took a beating in the champs's corner.

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