Is audrina dating corey 2016

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Earlier in the week, TMZ reported that the MTV figure had taken out a restraining order on the profession BMX dirt biker after a domestic violence incident.

The incident reportedly involved him shoving her while she was holding the baby, threatening suicide and 'repeatedly harassing her while she was working.'And yesterday news emerged that the LA native had moved in with her parents in the wake of the tense breakup.

He made sure to take extra care of Kirra's pink Minnie Mouse doll, before parting ways with the reality beauty.

The duo kept their distance, briefly exchanging words before Corey headed off with his one-year-old in his arms and a huge grin on his face. On Wednesday, Audrina officially filed for divorce from her husband of less than a year.

I got used to it eventually, but probably the hardest ones to watch were the crying scenes, just whenever I got emotional and [would] cry." Ten years later, Patridge feels like she's "all grown up now." She’s engaged to BMX rider Corey Bohan, and the two are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, in July.

Patridge reminded us that her Australian fiancé actually made a few appearances on "Corey was on the show for a hot second," she dished.

"That came through a mutual friend, Dino, that we all used to hang out with.

He was with them in Las Vegas one weekend, and he told me that and [it] kind of broke my heart." "When I asked them about it, I didn't hear from either of them for weeks," she said, adding, "It made me feel even worse, like, 'Why aren't you calling me?

So, what we were going through on the show was different than the real life stuff." "No, I mean, we worked a lot together and we traveled a lot together, so we had a lot of hours together and we became really good friends," he explained.The 32-year-old mom handed over 15-month-old daughter Kirra Max to the pro BMX biker, 35, for a 7-hour visit before meeting up again later for another swap.The estranged duo looked to be on good terms, briefly chatting before Corey handed over a bag of baby supplies to his ex.From on-and-off screen romances to rocky friendships, Patridge was not shy about spilling secrets with us, including her infamous relationship with Justin Brescia (aka "Justin Bobby.") "We were dating, and then he filmed with me [the] first season that never aired," she explained. He came to my very first apartment -- I think it was before I even met Heidi [Montag] and Lauren [Conrad], really -- and we filmed doing my hair or something." "And then we didn't really talk until third season, we started hanging out again and he was kind of entertaining the idea of filming," she continued."It was hard with Justin towards the end with him and Kristin [Cavallari] and all that stuff." That "stuff" she's referring to is a party scene in which her and Cavallari got into a "fake" fight over Brescia while filming at Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s house, which we found out was, sadly, also fake.

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