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I think it would be of value for MCM fans to have access to this great historical record of a classic furniture line. This story is particularly fun for me, because I have a Lane Acclaim table — it is the cocktail table 900-01 (shown in the lead photo.) My mother in law gave it to me. But, I’ve never seen most of the furniture that is in this catalog.Look at those nesting tables above — it looks to me like the top one has the dovetailed edge and the inner one doesn’t. And what is that I see — a TV snack cart on wheels? Although contemporary in classification, Acclaim furniture has a distinct hand-crafted quality that gives it unusual warmth and mellowness.

Utilizing these services will allow you to sell or buy furniture for a fair value, insure your special pieces for the appropriate amount, or simply satisfy your curiosity.Caution: Don’t place rubber-based lamps, telephones, radios or other objects on lacquer finishes unless the surfaces are protected by pads.Rubber can cause a chemical reaction, turning the finish yellow.As someone who owns six lane pieces (all tables) I was surprised to learn how extensive the line actually was!Especially since you mostly see only the tables trading, with possibly an occasional hutch or desk.

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