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As Marc Schakal, head of MSF in Jordan, said in a recent interview, “One hospital isn’t enough.” Set away from the hospital’s main entrance, down a side corridor, is the Learning Room.

Here’s where 29-year-old paediatric counsellor Talha Al Ali tries to restore the shattered emotional lives of children.

She’s endured 19 operations trying to correct the damage done to her.

She’s suffered infections that have complicated the healing process.

I remember a flash of light and an explosion; I could see my arm flapping about in front of me when I tried to move it. Later, I was moved to the Al-Razi Hospital where surgeons tried to save my leg.” It’s been a long journey for Saha.Shrapnel tore through both his legs, causing extensive damage, particularly to his right leg.It’s Mohammad’s fourth admission to the MSF Hospital.But with the numerous wars in the Middle East—all with no end in sight—the hospital has a four-to-five-month waiting list for new admittances.As the intensity of the violence increases in Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen, so does the caseload.

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