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The blog about the Ancient Goths is like a note-book and it is hypothetical. New York: Bronze Cybele, Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a Roman Empire Antiquity depiction of the Great Mother Goddess with Crown, she holds a patera and a tympanum or Tympana (frame drum).This bronze is exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.The Aryans are ancient Indo-Tibetan people of Western India and present Pakistan areas and in the highlands near the Himalayas such as in present Ladakh.They merged with the ancient Greeks that invaded these areas of Asia.The Sami male thundergod was for instance called “Thora Galles”, "Thora Gallis", “Toragallis” or “Horagallis”or simply "Thor" / "Tor".The word “Horangallis” was reported by Jessen (1767).

A Sanskrit-English dictionary , etymologically and philologically arranged, with special reference to Greek, Latin, Gothic, German, Anglo-Saxon, and other cognate Indo-European languages” by Monier-Williams, Monier, Sir, 1819-1899“We now come to the six European lines : I. Brittany, by Romanic French, and into the extremities of Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, and the Highlands of Scotland by Germanic English : it has two lines, (a) the principal Keltic or Gaelic (of the Galli), comprising the Irish, Highland-Scotch, and Manx, of which the Irish is most interesting in relation to Sanskrit.” (End of Quote from page 9 Preface). Aryan speakers are the indigenous people since Vedic times of Asia (Rig Veda of the Samhitas date roughly to the period between 1500 - 1000 BCE).

She is called "Magna Mater", like the mother goddess of the Nordic Sami was called Materakka - Mater Akka or in Sami language Maadteraahkas /Máhtáráhkká . Cybele had ecstatic followers called "Galli" (an older roman or Latin language).

In Sami language "Galles" or “Gallis” means "guy" or "old guy" (in Norwegian: kar).

The “Galli” of the Roman Empire were male religious figures that followed goddess Cybele lead ceremonies with wild music, dance and drumming.

It is told in the following dictionary (page 417) that the Galli of the pre-Christian Roman Empire were Priests, ref. 1813-1893, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.

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