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Suneera Madhani had been working for one such company for more than two years when she began noticing a high volume of complaints.

Otherwise, perhaps you can convince some lucky person to come visit your lookout tower? So be sensible and keep your Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites separate from your dating life!Madhani decided to quit her job in November 2013 and launched Fattmerchant in early 2014, founded on the principals of a straightforward pricing model with a flat monthly rate and no additional fees.Though her clients are not required to sign long-term contracts, no customers have left the company so far.As a result, Fattmerchant is able to save its customers an average of 40% on their monthly bills.Though she looks different than the average financial services CEO, and her company’s pricing model is different from other merchant services providers, Madhani says she has found that “different” is what many customers have been waiting for.“She’s very knowledgeable–when you talk to her, you can see the passion she has for her business,” says Junior Smizmaul, the director of operations for Orlando-based Vo IP phone service provider VOXtell.

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