Nummyz dating sims games

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Eventually he seems to warm to her, even asking her questions about herself.

However, he remains cold if you pick any of the wrong answers, and even fairly far into his route he still just says that she’s not “that annoying.” Like essentially all jerk type characters, Gage has a tragic back story to explain his cold attitude.

Although he seems pretty bummed about it (who wouldn’t be), he’s still a friendly and positive person, warning her not to make the same mistake he did.

Although his character doesn’t really develop over the course of the game, the back story he tells is conventional for an athletic type character, including the sport-preventing injury.Angel: Token Lesbian Type Angel is trapped in the dream world after falling sick with a broken heart.She has a bubbly and sweet personality, and is very feminine (as is clear from her appearance, attitude, and love of “girly” pursuits like shopping).Like Gage, Cero likes to paint, but he is here solely for inspiration rather than for some tragic reason like everyone else.Honestly, Cero seemed pretty boring to me, although I think I liked his character art the best.

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