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Remember that, ultimately, it is your call and, if you are in any doubt, it may be best to keep it private – at least for the time being.

Once you have told someone you cannot “un-tell” them; the genie is then very much out of the bottle.

If you find that you are having problems later on with deadlines or attendance, they may be able to help by speaking to your tutors and arranging for extra time for you to complete your work.

Remember that whatever you tell them is confidential and won’t get back to any of the teaching staff.

On the other hand, if you hold the truth back for too long they may see this as dishonesty and find it difficult to trust you in the future. A recent survey carried out for the Time to Change campaign found that people would be four times more likely to leave a partner because of a mental health problem than a physical disability.

We have to face up to telling our partners at some time, difficult though it may be.

Work and College Colleagues If you don’t feel able to talk about your mental illness at work, then you are not alone.

A survey in 2011, carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development of 2,000 workers, found that only four in ten of them would feel confident in discussing mental health problems with their employer.

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Employers If you are looking for work you need to think about disclosing to any future employer.

In addition, if you are working in any organisation, be it work, college or voluntary work, disclosing correctly can be a useful precaution against malicious rumours circulating about you later on. In assessing whom to tell there, are a number of useful questions that you can ask beforehand about the person, such as · Are they likely to be sympathetic or hostile? · If you do not tell them will they be able to trust you on other things?

· Will not telling them make it more difficult to relate to them in the future?

Get it wrong, and you risk alienating those people, making your life even more complicated than it is already.

Sharing your diagnosis can have advantages and disadvantages and both must be weighed up carefully.

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