Smugmug smart galleries not updating tempe dating sites

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On the other side, the one more in the background, I had problems with the site.

They newer persisted for long, but they return from time to time.

As I said this is easy to work with, but not without it’s fault.

One thing that really initiates me when I customize my site is, that when I place an element onto the page, set the width (for instance 20%) and then place a second element next to it, the editor will set both to 50%.

It asked me whether to change previous photo permissions or not. Then I thought it over, especially after a popup box told me that all ratings and comments would be deleted since I had a free Flickr account. So I went into the Flickr photostream window in LR4 (I have not yet published) and when I saw all the previous photos there to be republished, I selected them and deleted them, to avoid having them re-uploaded. It put them in a group called "Deleted photos to Remove." I don't want them removed from Flickr.

I love being able to create a password protected unlisted gallery to be able to send just a link to a client. I used to have multiple, based on the place I took the photo at, but I than moved that to my blog. In all the years I’ve been using Smugmug, there was’t a single day when my photos were not accessible.Smugmug includes a nice editor and a good set of page elements you can put together to customize your site.Parts as menus, links, images, dividers and more can be just dragged into position and then with few settings tweaked to fit your site.How do I get rid of these images from this window so they won't be removed from Flickr when I upload the new images? See for details CSS files have been complety rewritten and files from previous version are not compatible with v4.

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