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Talking to Jenny was like talking to one of his grandmother’s friends who refused to use Centillion email or get a Share All account because they were afraid of having “the computer” know “all their business”—except that as far as he could tell, Jenny was his age.

In response to his questioning look, she gestured to the camera over Sai’s door.

It was a truism that what a man wouldn’t tell his best friend, he’d happily search for on Centillion. I won’t be offended.” “Where’s your coat and goggles?

Tilly knew all about what kind of women Sai found attractive, having observed the pictures and videos he perused late at night while engaging the Just-For-Me mode in his browser. I’ve never even seen you without them.” “Oh, I taped over your door camera so my friends could come for a visit tonight, so I’m not wearing them. ” “—and I came out here to meet you because I saw that you turned off Tilly, not once, but .

I know just the place.” Sai realized that though he hadn’t been aware of it until just then, he did suddenly have a craving for something sweet and delicate. Don’t you want to be sure we don’t make silly mistakes on a first date? “Let’s try to think of something to do without Tilly. “You’re back early.” He almost didn’t recognize her; this was the first time he’d heard her voice without the electronic filter she normally used. The wireless transmissions were floating in public space, for example, so there was no violation of privacy.

We’re both busy, and Tilly—” “I know what Tilly can do. And the end user agreement could be read to allow everything Centillion did to ‘make things better’ for you.

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