Teachers intimidating students

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Often the changes were brought in by an educational leader who would then, shortly afterwards, retire, proud of his legacy which was left to teachers to implement, even though they knew those ideas wouldn't work.

Some critics of teachers seem to think teachers are free to teach what and how they like when employed by the Queensland Education Department. Look higher up for the weird and wonderful ideas, brought in by people who have never taught or who have not taught a class of students for a long time.

Watching what my wife has to endure in her job and several other teachers in our family, the amount of additional hoops they have to jump through for AITSL, TFEL and God knows what other ludicrous acronyms they can invent for benchmarking micromanagement on such a huge scale; it simply would not be endured in any other industry.

I saw many changes I did not think were necessary or in the best interests of students.

Robina Cosser : Another Queensland teacher and I had been discussing the National Inquiry into Workplace Bullying, and so, after I had sent in my own submission, I emailed to ask her if she had sent a submission in to the Inquiry.

In some schools we teachers are feeding the kids, cleaning the nits out of their hair, patching them up from injuries and helping them in any way we can because that parental support is simply not there.

Before people judge what a teacher does or doesn't do, look at two things - the quality they have to work with and the stress of trying to deliver a curriculum that is falling on ears that don't want to listen.

Constantly striving to address the content prescribed in the new syllabus (Curriculum to Classroom), preparing students for NAPLAN testing, along with the other daily demands completely unrelated to classroom teaching, exacerbated by intransigent public scrutiny has resulted in a disenchanted and exhausted body of professionals.

Many career teachers dislike many of the changes that have been inflicted on them by those above them. Then we have to put up with the constant denigrating from members of the public who themselves mostly failed at school, from the media, who see us as an easy target, and from politicians who refuse to address funding issues and make teachers the scapegoat.For a person to go to uni for four years and earn what teachers do compared to what other high achieving people can get in other industries - including people who have not spent years of their lives and thousands of their own dollars to become qualified - why would you bother? Last year, as I apologised once agin to my class for pushing them so hard and for the constant barrage of assessment, one child asked me, "If you don't like the things you do, then why are you still a teacher?"The people who are coming up with all of the ridiculous ideas and pointless waffle that they think is so wonderful don't realise that they are the ones who cause good, experienced teachers to walk away.I can't wait until I quit, I'm just waiting to get the right opportunity.My issues were numerous; the last contact I had at a school I had been at for some four years was a nightmare - shocking behavioural management issues; management turning against me, and certain teachers in one of the departments making it very clear that I was not wanted. marking, writing reports, developing "individual learning plans" for the students who are falling behind, dealing with parents, managing some terrible behaviour issues, covering classes for the teachers who seem to call in sick whenever the pressure is on, supervising lunch and after school ...

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