Troy aikman dating sandra bullock

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James’ publicist subsequently announced on 30 March 2010, that James had checked into a rehab facility "to deal with personal issues" and "save his marriage" to Bullock.

However it was reported that Bullock had filed for divorce on 23 April 2010 in Austin.

This Closer report is very similar to The Enquirer’s earlier story, down to the wording. Sandra was on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, which was Jay Leno’s penultimate episode.

(I never get to use that word.) You can see her interview in two parts here and here.

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He said she had “the same beautiful face” which is true.She’s also worried about getting her heart broken, so a no-strings fling is fine, but she’s not committing to anything yet.” On top of that, Sandra Bullock also wants to look after the best interests of her adopted son Louis. I do have to give her a lot of credit, though, she kept her adoption of Louis under wraps at a time when her face was splashed across the tabloids for weeks.The source revealed: “Sandra hasn’t introduced Troy to Louis as anything other than mommy’s friend.” start dating again now that they’re both single, they didn’t report that they were actually dating. Someone would have tweeted a sighting of them together or it would have been reported somewhere. Sandra could definitely be dating someone undercover, just maybe not Troy.Aikman is single after his 2011 divorce, and he lives in Highland Park, Texas, right outside Dallas where he used to play for the Cowboys.Sandra has a home in Austin, about three hours away, but she has it on the market and mostly lives in LA. Doubtful, but here’s the story: Even though, according to most reports, that relationship fizzled out back in 1995, due to the geographical distance between them, apparently love is in the air once again for the couple.

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