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We are aware that the system is imperfect: and we cherish the hope, that some of its defects may ere long be remedied.We believe that changes may, from time to time be made with advantage, to meet the varying demands of the community, to accommodate the course of instruction to the rapid advance of the country, in population, refinement, and opulence.If a dexterous performance of the manual operations, in many of the mechanical arts, requires an apprenticeship, with diligent attention for years; much more does the training of the powers of the mind demand vigorous, and steady, and systematic effort.In laying the foundation of a thorough education, it is necessary that the important mental faculties be brought into exercise.Some alteration has accordingly been proposed, almost every year, from its first establishment.It is with no small surprise, therefore, we occasionally hear the suggestion, that our system is unalterable; that colleges were originally planned, in the days of monkish ignorance; and that, “by being immovably moored to the same station, they serve only to measure the rapid current of improvement which is passing by them.” How opposite to all this, is the real state of facts, in this and the other seminaries in the United States.The former of these is, perhaps, the more important of the two.

Frederick Rudolph’s classic work examines the influence of the Yale Report in detail and is an excellent source of additional information. Abel Mc Ewen, be a committee to inquire into the expediency of so altering the regular course of instruction in this college, as to leave out of said course the study of the , substituting other studies therefor; and either requiring a competent knowledge of said languages, as a condition of admittance into the college, or providing instruction in the same, for such as shall choose to study them after admittance; and that the said committee be requested to report at the next annual meeting of this corporation.

The habits of thinking are to be formed, by long continued and close application.

The mines of science must be penetrated far below the surface, before they will disclose their treasures.

The historical context in which the Yale Report was written was complex.

It included the rise of Jacksonian democracy in the United States, the growing economic power of the young American republic, the increasing prestige of the universities of Germany, and the founding of the University of London.

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