Vs 2016 designer cs not updating

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In Visual Studio you can go to Tools Android Settings. If you build successfully yet it doesn’t deploy either due to an actual outputted failure or it just seems to freeze and not deploy here are some things to try: Try restarting the ADB server.Error Code: [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE] Sometimes your app might fail to deploy if an app of a different version and same package name are on there, even if you manually uninstall the app.Hi, I am facing a problem where the Windows Form designer does not save changes and resets the form back to the previous state.This only occurs after the first debugging session. "Remove end of file trailing new line" Once I disabled this setting, I was no longer able to reproduce the issue.That's the approach I took that took me to a specific setting with VB which I'll continue to investigate.When you're done you can import your settings to get back to a clean slate.

Unfortunately even with importing your old settings I'm still unable to reproduce the issue.I've just installed VS2017 (update 15.3.2) and the file nesting is still not working. Currently we are planning to update nesting in the bigger update that might happen in the end of the fall.I've tried to edit the tool and it still doesn't have any effect. based on your VS version nesting should be working, what exactly you mean by "nesting still not working"? @abpiskunov I'm not sure what problems others here have, but mine was that I can't turn it off.Which is great, and I'm happy with the current setup.But guess there are more bugs in there than we thought... Here's the content of my tool file, I updated it a bit to nest typescript and css under html files: The below is a bit counter intuitive, at least for me, since the property of the array is which file to nest and the array are values in which to nest under, but once you understand it, it makes sense.

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