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If you need drummers and dancers for your wedding in Sri Lanka, you can find some here.

I am not the best person to say it but it seems to me that successful dating is all about attitude, and playing the game (and knowing how to win.) As in any sport there is always room for improvement, and a tough coach can be a blessing. They have to know a man for some time, move with him for some days and then only they will fall in love.The city's conservatism is mostly harmless, but when it comes to matters of in Chennai are like Zaphod Beeblebrox, one head solving the Hindu newspaper crossword while the other is busy scanning beaches and parks for any public displays of affection with an extremely critical eye.Kind of like Gaydar for straights, with GPS coordinates served right up to your Blackberry or i Phone. Anyway, I have heard the Kishkinta amusement park in Tambaram (India's number one theme park) is a good place to freak out. As in Thailand, an Indian family is very close knit, and a western boyfriend will eventually be accepted into that family providing his intentions appear to be honourable.Freak out means to have a lot of fun, to enjoy a lot. It's not an easy task to break down this cultural barrier.

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