Westerners dating taiwanese women in taiwan

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In the art of meeting Taiwanese people, it’s a well-known fact that body language plays an important role, and that touching is part of this body language.By touching a girl playfully at first and then more meaningfully later, you’re accomplishing several things.Be extra gentle and remember that she might not have a lot of experience.If you’re her first westerner, she may have no experience at all with a guy making physical contact with her in this way.PDA (public display of affection) is definitely taboo. First, it’s something she may not be comfortable with.

Touching is important with Taiwanese women because it’s often hard to read their signs.

Although we talk about “getting into the culture”, I invariably encounter most foreigners in foreigner-friendly spots: Wellcome supermarkets, Grandma Nitti’s, Svenson’s…

How many Taiwanese friends do you have that you didn’t meet through your job, or in one of these expat – orientated establishments?

Taiwanese Guys Don’t Do This In Taiwan, you almost never see people touching each other in public.

It’s rare to see hand-holding, a guy stroking a girl’s back, or any of the other common things we see back home.

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